How can North American Players become World Class? Case Study – Christian Pulisic

North America’s first young player to have the potential to be among the best in the world was recently profiled on 60 minutes. Christian Pulisic has benefited from training and playing outside the mainstream system in North America.

We have three 1v1 Soccer FC graduates now training at professional academies in the Unite Kingdom, Spain and Italy   

Since I began 1v1 Soccer FC in 2000, I have identified three main obstacles that are preventing young North American players from becoming world class! Canada and the US (combined population 355 million) have not produced a world class outfield player capable of playing at the highest levels of the game.

The three main obstacles are: 

1) Quality of coaching – in Spain there is 1 UEFA A or B licensed coach for every 27 players, in North America there are 865 players for every A or B licensed coach

2) Technical ability – this is the most limiting factor on what level a player ends up playing at. That is why at 1v1 Soccer we spend the most time on this! As Arsene Wenger famously said “If you have no technical skill by 14 you can forget it, you will never be a football player”

3) Training mentality – young players in academies in Europe are training 12-15 hours/week after age 12! Our players are typically training 5-8 hours/week and many do not continually develop their skills during the main part of the season. They mistakenly believe that playing games = development!


We have a proven four step process for young players in North America so that they can successfully compete with young players in Europe and challenge for opportunities there:

1)   Supplement your team training so you can get closer to 10-12 hours /week

2)  Select a highly-qualified performance coach to work with and/or take advantage of attending training opportunities with academy coaches from professional teams

3)  Continue to work on your skills and earn an opportunity to train in Europe at some of the top academy programs so that you can get a complete understanding of the standards, the methodology to develop professional players, improve your game understanding and an opportunity to test yourself against academy players

4)  Commit yourself to continuous improvement so that you earn opportunities for extended stays at a professional European club with game playing opportunities. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate the full extent of your abilities in front on academy coaches at professional clubs.

1v1 Soccer FC is now able to individually place our young players within academy programs in Europe for extended stays (2 weeks+). Players will be individually placed based upon their performance levels and will be fully immersed in the academy program of the professional clubs. Players wishing to take advantage of these opportunities will sign up for our Masters Program and train directly with myself.  MY COACHING PHILOSOPHY .

I will be training the players and monitoring the performance data of all the players. This information will be shared with the professional clubs.
Interested players can apply to join our 2017/2018 Masters Program